Voices UnBroken is a Bronx-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing under-heard members of the community-primarily youth, ages 12-24-with the tools and opportunity for creative self-expression. Through high quality creative writing workshops in juvenile justice facilities, group homes, residential treatment facilities, jails, and various other alternative settings, Voices UnBroken nurtures the inherent need in all people to tell their stories and be heard.  It is our belief that this telling of stories and sharing of dreams leads to individual and community growth.

Voices UnBroken was founded in 2000 by Bronx native, Victoria Sammartino, who at the age of 22, was committed to bringing back  the voices of young people who were away from her community. Since our first workshop at Rikers Island, Voices UnBroken has remained committed to meeting young people where they are during times of crisis. 

Voices UnBroken acknowledges the brutal, unjust reality that surrounds young people in the adult, juvenile and foster care systems. We see it as our responsibility to be present with young people as they navigate these systems by offering high-quality poetry workshops that are facilitated by professional Teaching Artists who are given thoughtful, consistent training and support. 

Voices UnBroken honors our ability to listen and bear witness to young people’s voices and experiences; to share a workshop experience in which young people have an opportunity to positively engage with their peers, experiment with language, and have some much-needed fun. Voices UnBroken offers the necessary message that our youth are valued, cared about, missed, and that our society cannot be whole without them.



    To Contact Voices UnBroken: 

          1414 Metropolitan Avenue, 2nd Fl.

                    Bronx NY 10462



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