Voices UnBroken Arts & Youth Development Intern Job Description

15-20 hours/week


Voices UnBroken is a Bronx-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing under-heard members of the community – primarily youth, ages 12-24 – with the tools and opportunity for self-expression. Through high quality creative writing workshops in juvenile justice facilities, group homes, residential treatment facilities, jails, and various other alternative and transitional settings, Voices UnBroken nurtures the inherent need in all people to tell their stories and be heard. It is our belief that this telling of stories and sharing of dreams leads to individual and community growth. Voices UnBroken workshops are facilitated by experienced Teaching Artists/ Workshop Facilitators and are the heart of our organization; their work has the potential to make a lasting impact on young people.  The Arts & Youth Development Intern works closely the Director of Arts & Youth Development to ensure that workshop participants receive high-quality services by providing customized support for the Teaching Artist/ Workshop Facilitator team. This is an un-paid internship; college credits can be earned, if applicable. Metrocards will be provided.


Duties/ Responsibilities:


Work closely with the Director of Arts & Youth Development to:

∙ Support Voices UnBroken Teaching Artist/ Workshop Facilitators.

∙ Develop and manage resources and materials for workshops and Teaching Artists/ Workshop Facilitators including an online and physical resource center of tools and curricula for Teaching Artist/ Workshop Facilitators.

∙ Prepare, facilitate and reflect on monthly staff meetings and trainings.

∙ Recruit potential Teaching Artists/ Workshop Facilitators.




∙ Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

∙ Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

∙ Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and multi-task.

∙ Work independently and in collaboration with others.

∙ A willingness to learn and share.

∙ Must have a good sense of humor and perspective; must enjoy creative problem solving.

∙ Ability and willingness to work in the Bronx.


Voices UnBroken Guiding Principles


  • Voices UnBroken helps participants identify dreams and goals.

  • Voices UnBroken defines community as anyone who shares our vision for nurturing the creative voice in all people.  

  • Voices UnBroken workshops are led by practicing, high-quality artist-facilitators.

  • Voices UnBroken views the Teaching Artist/Workshop Facilitator as a learner and vice versa.  We are all part of a common ‘workshop’ community.  

  • Voices UnBroken identifies and nurtures leadership within the organization and within the larger community.   

  • Voices UnBroken is a non-judgmental organization.  

  • Voices UnBroken is committed to the cyclical process of documenting, evaluating, adjusting our programs.  

  • Voices UnBroken is accountable to our participants and to our community.  

  • Voices UnBroken expects Greatness!


To Apply:

If you are interested in applying, send your resume, cover letter to hr@voicesunbroken.org with Arts & Youth Development Intern in the subject line.

Please answer the following in your cover letter:


  • Why do you want to work with Voices UnBroken?

  • Tell us how your experience(s) makes you an ideal candidate for this position.





Voices UnBroken employs without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other attribute not related to superior performance.