Our annual magazine, Voices Ink, showcases the best of our participant poetry from the previous year. We also use the magazine as a platform to share staff changes, organizational updates and the most recent events within the organization.


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Before Voices Ink there was the Anthology. An anthology is a  published collection of poems based on a common theme or idea. Voices UnBroken has published 13 anthologies of participant writing since our first publication of Writing Out of Rosewood in 2001. Our anthologies are the very best of our participant poetry from the current year.


We are proud to be a Bronx-based organization and a number of our anthologies are collections of writings by participants from the Bronx who we meet in different facilities across the city. These publications give Voices UnBroken an opportunity to further validate and promote the success of each of our participants who work so hard and are so generous with their stories.


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