Voices Beyond Bars

Voices Beyond Bars workshops take place on Rikers Island and in juvenile justice facilities (including secure and non-secure detention, and most recently, non-secure placement facilities). Voices Beyond Bars workshops generally meet twice a week for five weeks, for a total of 10 individual 90-minute workshop sessions. Young people who participate in Voices Beyond Bars workshops learn new tools for coping with stress, communicating their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and moving past trauma.  By helping participants develop fundamental communication skills, Voices UnBroken is also contributing to the betterment of the communities they come from and/or will return to.

Speaking Our Voices

Speaking Our Voices workshops take place in restrictive residential settings and primarily serve young people who are in the foster care system. Speaking Our Voices workshops generally meet once a week for 10 weeks, for a total of 10 individual 90-minute workshop sessions. These workshops are socially, emotionally, academically, and geographically accessible and introduce young people to practical communication tools. Writing sessions and group discussions develop participant comfort with communication, while guided practice reinforces learning. The forum for self-expression and creativity is one that does not otherwise exist for teens and young adults in the alternative and transitional settings where our workshops take place.